Youtubers under Government surveillance : 8 Youtubers in problem

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Youtubers under Government surveillance : 8 Youtubers in problem

Government busted eight YouTube channels for faking news

In this era of the digital world, where information spreads like wildfire across social media platforms, the battle against misinformation has become a paramount concern for governments worldwide. The proliferation of fake news, often influenced by a few rouge actors seeking to exploit the power of online platforms, has prompted governments to take decisive actions. Recently, authorities cracked down eight YouTube channels that were found to be spreading fake news, highlighting the ongoing struggle to maintain the integrity of online information. As per the recent report it can be seen that with a total number of nearly 23 million subscribers of channels are taken down for spreading fake news related to government events such as declaration of early Lok Sabha polls and banning electronic voting machines.  These YouTube channels that were found to be spreading fake news, highlighting the ongoing struggle to maintain the integrity of online information.

The Menace of Fake news

Fake news, defined as deliberately fabricated or misleading information presented as factual news, has emerged as a serious threat to society. It has the potential to undermine public trust in institutions, incite panic, and influence public opinion in detrimental ways. The advent of social media platforms has exacerbated this issue, allowing misinformation to spread rapidly to a global audience. According to officials these eight YouTube channels named Yahan Sach Dekho, Capital TV, KPS News, Sarkari Vlog, Earn Tech India, SPN9 News, Educational Dost and World Best News were fact-checked by the Press Information Bureau for spreading false news.

World Best News, which is a famous channel with over 1.7 million subscribers and more than 18 core views was discovered to be misrepresenting the Indian Army. On the other hand, another channel named

Educational Dost was spreading false news about government schemes, not to mention that this channel also has over 3.43 million subscribers and almost 23 core views.

SPN9 News channel with over 4.8 million subscribers also found to be spreading fake news about president, and several ministers of our country.

It is also to be reported that, Sarkari Vlog channel which has 4.5 million subscribers and over 9.4 core views found to be spreading false schemes.

Another interesting case has also been found that the channel named KPS News, which has over 1 million subscribers and 13 core views is announcing fake news regarding schemes, orders and decisions related to the government such as availability of cooking gas cylinders at Rs.20 and petrol at Rs.15 per litre.

According to the reports, the channel named Capital TV which has almost 3.5 million subscribers and over 160 crore views was also spreading false information about prime minister, the government and orders related to promulgation of rule of President in West Bengal.

Furthermore, YouTube channel Yahan Sach Dekho with over 3 million subscribers and over 100 million views was spreading false news about the Electronic Commission and the Chief Justice of India. Earn Tech India which has 31,000 subscribers and views of 3.6 million which are low compared to the other famous channel, has also been found to be propagating fake news including information related to Aadhar card, PAN card and other vital documents.

Intervention of Government

The recent crackdown of the above mentioned eight YouTube channels, known for their persistent promotion of fake news, demonstrates the commitment of governments to safeguard the credibility of information. These channels, which amassed millions of subscribers, were producing and distributing content containing false claims, baseless conspiracy theories, and inflammatory narratives. In addition to the channel shutdowns, legal consequences are being pursued against the channels behind the fake news operation. Governments are emphasizing that spreading misinformation has serious repercussions and will not be tolerated in future.


The crackdown on the eight YouTube channels sends a strong message that governments are willing to take stringent measures to combat fake news and protect the public from the harmful consequences of misinformation. This action reinforces the importance of responsible online behaviour, accurate journalism, and the necessity of a well-informed society.


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