SBI launches Nation First Transit Card For Digital Fare Payments

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Nation First Transit Card :- India largest Public Sector lender State Bank Of India, SBI launches Nation First Transit Card for digital fare payments. This card will facilitate customers who regularly travels in metro, buses, water ferries, parking, etc., by ensuring easy digital ticketing fare payments through a single card.

Apart from commuting experience this card will also act like any other debit or credit for making e-commerce payments and making payments at retail shop too.

Nation First Transit Card Vision

Nation First Transit Card, powered by RuPay and National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) technology, will revolutionize the commuting experience for millions of Indians. The card is one of the unique product offered by State Bank Of India which will not only act as a financial tool but also symbolizes the biggest lender SBI’s commitment to the growth and development of nation and promoting digital usage by the nation.

Nation first Transit Card
Nation first Transit Card

SBI MD and CEO, Dinesh Khara Statement on Nation First Transit Card

“At SBI, we are constantly strive to make banking and everyday life simpler for our customers. The Nation First Transit Card powered by RuPay and National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) technology, is set to revolutionize the commuting experience and is aligned with the national vision of “One Nation One Card”. We are proud to introduce a card that not only eases the lives of our customers but also contributes to the growth of our country.”

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

SBI has already entered in NCMC programs with various transit operators since 2019. SBI has already launched various card like City1 Card, Nagpur Metro MAHA Card, MUMBAI1 Card, GoSmart Card and Singara Chennai Card under NCMC programs in Noida Metro, Nagpur Metro, MMRDA Metro Lines 2A & 7, Kanpur Metro and Chennai Metro respectively.

Feature of SBI’s NCMC card

  • Nandan Nilekani committee has proposed this unique concept of NCMC.
  • NCMC Technology based card helps SBI customers to use this card just like any other debit card for the purpose of Travel in Metro Rail and Buses (wherever it is implemented)
  • This is a contactless technology which allows user to make transactions by tapping the card on a compatible reader.
  • NCMC cards can be easily recharged online, through mobile applications, or at authorized outlets, making it convenient for users to top up their cards as needed.
  • Some transport authorities may offer travel discounts or incentives for using the NCMC card, making it cost-effective for regular commuters.

State Bank Of India as a leader of PSU Banks

State Bank Of India reported a net profit of Net Profit of ₹16,884 crores which is highest ever Net Profit for the fourth quarter in succession in Q1 of FY 2023-24. Gross NPA at 2.76% improved by 115 bps YoY and Net NPA at 0.71% improved by 29 bps YoY showing a great improvement in Asset Quality of the banks. 63% of savings accounts and 35% of retail asset accounts acquired through YONO in Q1FY24. Banks Capital Adequacy Ratio 14.56 percent as on June 2023.


The NCMC technology in India will play a very important role in driving overall digitalization efforts. Nation First Transit Card will have its own significant value as it contributes to automating and digitizing fare collection. Apart from facilitating easy transport payments, the project is pivotal in fostering smart city development, and unifying various transit operators on a single platform for passenger convenience. By ensuring widespread accessibility across cities, the government aspires to promote public transport usage among residents. The concept of the card was initially proposed by the Deepening of Digital Payments (CDDP) committee, established by the Reserve Bank of India and chaired by Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of Infosys.

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Nation First Transit Card

Nation First Transit Card facilitate SBI customers with seamless and convenient way of commuting by ensuring easy digital ticketing fare payments in metro, buses, water ferries, parking, etc., through a single card.
SBI MD & CEO Dinesh Kumar Khara has introduced the ‘Nation First Transit Card’ during the Global Fintech Fest 2023
SBI Customers can use Nation First Transit Card in metro, buses, water ferries, and parking. They can also utilize this card for conducting retail and e-commerce transactions.


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