PSU Banks need to be faster with public dealings

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PSU Banks need to be faster with public dealings along with adoption of technology at a quicker pace, recommended by Parliamentary Committee

Parliamentary Committee

Parliamentary Committee is group of member appointed by the Parliament to undertake a particular task or function.

Few important things were recommended by the panel , let us go through all of them.

Recommendation made by the committee

Citing workload, committee had recommended below issues :-

  • PSU Bank need to be faster with public dealings
  • Public Sector Banks and its employees needed to be updated on the latest technology
  • Along with speed PSU bank needs to maintain 100 percent accuracy too
  • Refund of fees to candidate not appeared for examination
  • Increase the number of examination centers

PSU Bank need to be faster with public dealings

Panel emphasis on the pattern of examination being held to recruit candidate in the banks, which needed to be reviewed as the skill requirement have changed with the changing & faster economy. Exam needs to take into consideration the nature of work along with the speed & accuracy so that prospective candidates are properly evaluated.

Need to have both speed & accuracy too

As per the panel, Speed & accuracy was not an important criteria 10 years back but now its an important skill which an employees should posses in this fast changing economy. Today 100 of Government scheme are launched in a year which needed to be executed mostly by PSU Banks in a time bound manner so that requisite benefit can reach to prospective customers, here speed & accuracy plays an important role. Glitches & slow down in process of service delivery can reduce the impact of this schemes.

Committee recommendation for PABT

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test, is a teat which is used to measure a particular candidate to understand whether he or she is fit for a role. Committee recommended this PABT to evaluate a candidate. Further, they has stated in their report that whether IBPS is going to conduct any such examination in future to test the candidate

Refund of fees to candidate not appeared for examination

Committee advocated to refund the fees for those who have not appeared for examination as most of them are from poor family. They also had advice to review and asses the cost of travel from candidates hometown to examination center and pay the fees, along with candidate appearing for examination and remain unemployed bearing the load the examination fees. The Committee notes that on an average approximately 95 per cent of the candidates who apply are not able to get selected and left without a job. However, everyone is being charged and mostly they are unemployed.

In order to help this type of candidates committee recommended the state and central Government should bear some part of examination fees, to avoid any extra burden on unemployed youth of the country.

Increase the number of examination centers

Generally not more than a lakh of employee sits for an examination at one go , hence committee also recommended to increase this strength so that more students can appear for examination at one go.

Strength can also be increased if number of examination centers will be stretched from what it is generally been allotted.

IBPS should take the responsibility to carry out the computer based examination in an increased number of centers to enable more students can appear for examination at one go.


With the increase of use of technology and changing economy requirements, whether it is e-banking or special initiative of Government, bankers needs to be fast as well as accurate in delivery customers requirements & public dealings. Further they need to be updated with the latest technology as well.


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