Banker News : Outcome of IBA meeting on Bipartite Settlement Dt. 12.09.2023 & 13.09.2023

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Outcome of IBA meeting on Bipartite Settlement Dt. 12.09.2023 & 13.09.2023: Much awaited meeting of Bank Union with Indian Bank Association (IBA) held on 12th September 2023 & 13th September 2023.

Outcome of IBA meeting: Round of Discussion

First round of meeting of IBA & Bank Union held on 31.08.2023 which is followed by second round of discussion on 12.09.2023 & 13.09.2023. Workmen Unions meeting held on 12th September, while Officer Associations meeting held on 13th September.

Workmen Unions meeting

On 12th September, meeting with workmen unions was held which was led Mr. Rajneesh Karnatak (MD & CEO, Bank Of India) from Indian Bank Association (IBA) team. From Bank Union side, member of AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, NOBW, & INBEF.

Officer Associations meeting

On 13th September, meeting with Officers Associations was held led by Mr. O.P Mishra (Dy. MD, SBI) from IBA team. From Bank Union side, member of AIBOC, INBOC & NOBO.

Outcome of IBA meeting : Important points not discussed

on both the day of the meeting i.e. 12th & 13th September, major issues which required immediate attention of IBA has not been discussed and no relevant information shared with the bankers.

Major Issues Discussed (Yes/No)
5 Days Banking NO
Regulated Working Hours NO
Merger of Special Allowance NO
Maximum Load Factor on Basic NO
Demand on Overall Increment NO
12th Bipartite Settlement completion Date NO

Outcome of IBA meeting : Important points Workmen Unions discussion

Few Important Points of discussion which were agreed :-

Points of Discussion Status
Additional stagnation Increments up to the period of retirement Agreed in Principle subject to final cost
Restriction of minimum of 7 Days for officiating as officer to claim officiating pay to be removed Officiating for 4 Day & above will be paid
HRA at 150% payable on transfer to another station to be on declaration basis Agreed
Improvement in other allowance Refer the PDF copy attached
Reimbursement of periodical eye check up for employees due to constant exposure to computer Agreed in principal


Outcome of IBA meeting : Important points Officers Association discussion

Few Important Points of discussion which were agreed :-

Points of Discussion Status
Upward revision of HRA Agreed in principal based on cost
Self lease for officer to be introduce Individual Banks to decide
Substantial increase of CCA & location allowance for all Agreed in principal – part of cost
Learning allowance to be enhanced substantially Agreed in principal – part of cost


Outcome of IBA meeting : Other Points

Other points which were discussed in the meeting of workmen union and officers association :-

  • Few important points like revision in special pay will be discussed separately at a smaller committee.
  • Few points related to improvement in HRA, Transport allowance & other allowance will be discussed in main committee meeting.
  • IBA will look into and come back with in case of other important points

Officers Association :-

  • IBA seems to be positive on 2 increment for passing CAIIB & closing allowance to be enhanced and paid quarterly
  • On Stagnation increments, IBA will look into it and come back
  • Few points which will required further discussion & review were :-
    • Disciplinary rule procedure
    • Education allowance
    • Lodging expenses
    • Leave fare concession
    • Introduction of allowance in rural & difficult area
    • Compensation on transfer
    • Halting allowance
Outcome of IBA meeting
Outcome of IBA meeting


A detailed circular was issued by the Bank union (UFBU & AIBEA) where it seems lots of points were discussed but important burring points for which bankers are waiting have be left unattended. Any meeting related to Bipartite settlement should contain points related to wage revision. Already Bank employees were waiting from 1st November 2022 for their wage revision. Charter of demands were already presented to IBA which includes 5 Days banking a week also.

PDF Copy of circular of AIBEA / UFBU

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