Nitin Gadkari to launch Bharat NCAP on 22nd August 2023

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Nitin Gadkari to launch Bharat NCAP on 22nd August 2023.

Bharat NCAP meaning

On 22nd August , Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari will launch much awaited Bharat NCAP. Bharat NCAP stands for Bharat New Car Assessment Programme (Bharat NCAP).

During the year 2021, a total number of 4,12,432 road accidents have been reported in the country which resulted in 1,53,972 deaths. This programme under Bharat NCAP will give a huge boost to road safety and will improve India’s safety standards. All the major nation have their own safety standards.

Under Bharat NCAP, vehcile will go through a rigorous crash test and basis that vehcile will be awarded star ratings.

What is Bharat NCAP ?

Bharat NCAP is India’s first ever dedicated car test programme designed to test the safety features and build quality of teh car. With the launch of Bharat NCAP, India will stand 5th after US, China, Japan & South Korea to have its won dedicated Car crash safety programme. With the introduction of Bharat NCAP, consumer will be more aware of the safety standards and can take informed decision while choosing a car.

Bharat NCAP will cover what type of Car ?

All passenger vehicle whether it is hatchback, sedan, SUV’s will come under this new car safety programme. Any vehicle with gross weight of 3500 KG or less, being imported or manufactured in India will be cover by this dedicated Car test prgramme i.e. Bharat NCAP

Why India need dedicated crash test programme?

As per Morth, a total number of 4,12,432 road accidents have been reported in the country, claiming 1,53,972 lives and causing injuries to 3,84,448 persons. Age group in 18-45 years were majorly affected by the accidents accounting for 67 % of total accidental deaths. Hence India need some programme like Bharat NCAP to measure safety rating of the car in India.

How Cars will be shortlisted for crash test?

There will be 2 method of selecting car for crash test. The methods were:-

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) have the option to submit their manufactured car for Crash testing programme. Once the testing will be done, Bharat NCAP will allot rating to the car based on its performance in safety test. OEM’s have the right to publish this number to common public. Further they can also request for reassessment to Bharat NCAP.
  • Bharat NCAP will also have the authority to select the car from the showroom or dealer showroom to test the cars under Bharat NCAP crash test. This will promote transparency and also the credibility of the programme.

Testing will be done for Petrol, diesel, CNG as well as Electric vehicle.

Bharat NCAP. How Crash testing will be done?

Under Baharat NCAP, car will pass through rigorous crash test , where it will go through Front impact assessment, Side Impact assessment & Pole Side impact. This will test the ability of the Car to protect the passenger sitting inside the car. Safety will be measured based on Adult safety for front passenger & child safety for rear passenger.

Frontal Crash test will be executed at 64 kmph, Side crash test will be measured at a speed of 50 kmph & pole-side will be tested at 29kmph.

Criteria for 5 Star rating

To secure 5 star ratings, vehicle need to achieve a minimum of 41 out of 49 points for Child Occupant protection, whereas for Adult occupant protection a minimum of 27 out of 32 possible points.

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Update on Bharat NCAP

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