CRCS, Sahara Refund Portal : How to claim, eligibility, documents and other criteria

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Union Minister for Home Affairs & Cooperation, Mr. Amit Saha had launched a portal named CRCS portal to enable the depositors to get back their money which is stuck in four cooperative societies linked to Sahara Group of Companies. Portal was launched on 18th July 2023 to help around 10 crore small investors.

Four alleged Co-operative society were :-

  • Humara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited (Kolkata),
  • Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited (Lucknow),
  • Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited (Bhopal),
  • Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (Hyderabad)

After the directive of supreme court, government has announced its commitment to refund to the investors within a span of 9 months. Supreme Court instructed to transfer Rs 5000 Cr from the sahara-sebi refund account to the Central registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS), which is launched by Mr. Amit Saha on 18th July 2023.

Who can apply for refund:-

All the eligible depositors of four Sahara group societies i.e Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Ltd., Humara India Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. and Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd – can apply for refund on the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal.

How much refund will be admitted:-

As per Union Minister Mr. Amit Saha , in 1st stage maximum amount of reimbursement per depositor will be Rs 10000 each. In 1st stage total disbursement of Rs. 5000 Cr will be made to the investors whose money is stock in the four cooperative society linked to Sahara Group.

Timeline of refund:-

According to Mr. Amit Saha , eligible investors who had applied for refund in the given CRCS portal will get their refund to their account in 45 days.

Requisite documents for refund :-

Following documents will be required for refund to be eligible :-

  • Depositor account number
  • Mobile number linked with adhaar card
  • Membership Number
  • Certificate /Passbook as a proof document
  • PAN Card for claim amount exceeding Rs.50000

Please note, Aadhaar card is needed to be linked with Mobile number along with the account number of the claimant.

Process to claim:-

  • Use the link : to open sahara refund portal i.e CRCS
  • Register yourself as required on the portal
  • Log in post Verification
  • Review the instruction as mentioned in the portal
  • Fill the online request
  • Upload the requisite documents in the portal
  • submit your refund request

Refund request can be tracked thereafter

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