Banks will remain close on 14 Days in the month of August 2023

Last Updated on July 30, 2023 by Brajesh

If you are unfinished with some of your important Banking activities which requires your visit toi branches then please do the same in the month of July itself as as many as 14 Days bank will be closed in next month i.e. Aug 223. In order to save your energy and your precious time you need to know these days to avoid visiting Bank on this dates at least.

Month of August mark as the month where we all celebrate 15th Aug 2023 as Independence Day, which is a public holiday, apart from this there are 13 more banking holidays and nobody wants to get stuck with their financial activities due to banking holidays.

Hence, mark your calendar circle your dates in advance to save your energy and any financial loss from this holidays

Let us look at the dates in which Banks will remain close on 14 Days in the month of August 2023 , which you need to avoid while visiting Bank Branches.

Apart from this following is the weekend Holidays in which bank will remain closed.


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has placed the holidays under three brackets- Holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act; Holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act and Real-Time Gross Settlement Holidays; and Banks’ Closing of Accounts.


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