After FinMin intervention, FSIB Recommends 16 Candidates for Executive Director Appointments in Public Sector Banks

Last Updated on July 16, 2023 by Brajesh

After the necessary intervention of FinMin, Financial Services Institutions Bureau (FSIB), an independent professional body, has finalized a list of 16 recommended candidates to form a panel for executive director appointments in public sector banks (PSBs) during FY24. Over the period of July 1-15, FSIB interacted with a total of 72 candidates from various PSBs to identify suitable candidates for these positions.

The recommended candidates, listed in order of merit, are as follows: Sanjay Rudra, Lal Singh, Bindu Prasad Mahapatra, Shiv Bajrang Singh, Ravi Mehra, Rajiv Mishra, Balwinder Kumar, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Rohit Rishi, Mahendra Dohare, S.K. Majumdar, Dhanraj T, Vijay Kumar Nivrutti Kamble, Pankaj Dwivedi, Mukul N Dandge, and Amit Kumar Srivastava.

The FSIB’s thorough evaluation process aimed to ensure that the panel consists of highly capable individuals who can effectively contribute to the leadership and management of PSBs. These recommendations will play a crucial role in filling executive director vacancies within the public sector banking sector.

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