7 Days Loan app List . Is it real or fake?

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7 Days Loan app List

In this new era, every now and then people fell into a situation where they required some urgent money. Many a times they borrow those money from their friends or relatives.

However, there may come some situation where you must borrow from outside and that too on urgent basis. This is the time when people search for some loan app to get the fund on emergency basis.

There are many loans providing app in India app which runs under 7 Days loan app but most of them are fake and are not approved by Reserve Bank Of India. Hence in case of any future problem or issue RBI is not going to help the applicant or borrower. So if you need loan that too on urgent basis then this the perfect place which will guide you about real 7 Days Loan app List which are genuine and not fake.

What is 7 Days Loan app?

7 Days Loan app are available on play store which provides Loan for a period of 7 Days on urgent basis by charging higher interest with low documentation or literally no proof. This type of application is not approved by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or any NBFC. They generally don’t exist for longer period as they are not approved and generally associated with some fraud & harassment.

Fake 7 Days Loan app list in India

On play store any borrower can check for 7 Days loan app, they will get plenty of such application available, however, a proper care needs to give for choosing those because many unregistered apps are fake with no RBI approval. They will take your relevant details and misuse the same in future hence a borrower needs to identify those app. Here is the list of 7 Days loan app which are fake and not real.

7 Days Loan App

How to identify a problematic & fake 7 Days Loan App

  • This apps are not approved by RBI. Even they are not recognized by NBFC
  • On google pay stores, they carry low ratings or stars.
  • They will try to pressurize you to take loans through different offers etc.
  • They will ask for minimum documents
  • After reimbursement of loan, from 6th day they will start harassing you either by blackmailing or threatening.
  • In the they will misuse your documents and image submitted

How to complain against 7 Days Loan App

Many incidents came where in case borrower fails to remit the loan taken then in such situation either they are harassed or mentally tortured by this type of loan provider. In no way you can complain against any 7 Days loan app to Reserve Bank Of India (RBI). However, maximum you can complain against this sort of app to cyber-crime or your nearest police station.

Digital loan borrowers right

10 Real 7 Days Loan App

Now it will not sound good for the reader that actually 7 days loan application doesn’t exist which are legal aur lawful. However if borrower wants loan for lesser duration then they can get loan up to 60 Days with loan starting from small amount of RS 1000/-. These apps are approved by NBFC & RBI, hence they are approved loan apps. These apps provide loan up to 61 Days to max of 12 months, and they were :-

  • Navi
  • Bajaj Fiserve,
  • Bank Bazar
  • Credit Paisa Bazar
  • Bank Bazar
  • Paytm
  • mPokket
  • Cashe
  • Smart Coin
  • KreditBee
  • Kissht

7 Days Loan APK

7 Days Loan APK doesn’t provide you any loan instead they will take all important information of yours for their future usage. Many a time while searching for loan you will come across
this type of apk alluring loan with 0 interest and minimum documents’. We will suggest you to avoid yourself from clicking any such pop up links.

Conclusion on 7 Days Loan app List . Is it real or fake?

From this article now you must be aware the risk of taking using 7 Days Loan app as they are not approved by RBI. Further for any loan and in order to safeguard your interest we would suggest you to use real app only for which list is mentioned above in the article for reader.

Frequently Asked Question on

7 Day Loan app

7 Days Loan App provides loan for a period of 7 days and charges higher interest from the customers who needs loan on urgent basis
No, as 7 days loan are not approved by RBI hence people should avoid this app
No, it doesn't provide loan, instead they take all valuable information of the customer and can misuse it in future

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