5 Days Banking News update | Good News for Public Sector Banks Employees | Next IBA Meeting date

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5 Days Banking News | Good News for Public Sector Banks Employees | Latest update on 5 Days work week

Discussion on 5 Days Banking in IBA meeting

Apart from wage revision, 5 Days banking a week is one of the most discussed topic in banking world and it is trending everywhere. on 31st August 2023, Indian Bank Association and Bank Union discussed on chartered of demands which was placed last year.

During the meeting, bank Union took up the issue of 5 Days Banking with Indian Bank Association (IBA), on which IBA replied that the topic on 5 Days banking is under serious consideration of higher authority and stake holders.

Bank Union had also insisted IBA to expedite the process and follow up the issue to conclude the same.

Next meeting with IBA is scheduled on 12th September 2023 with Bank Union & Small Committee.

5 Days Banking, an old demand by Bankers

5 Days banking is a long pending demand of bank employees. During 10th Bipartite Settlement, bank employees were awarded with weekly off on alternate Saturday i.e. second & fourth Saturday and this was approved in 2015 i.e. 8 years ago.

During 11th Bipartite settlement,  bank union have placed a proposal of 5 days banking a week, which means all Saturday off, however the proposal was not approved.

Similar issued was raised by LIC employees who were awarded with weekly off on all Saturday since April 2021.

Good News on 5 days banking a week

5 days banking

Some positive news is coming on 5 days banking , as Sushil Kumar Modi who is a member of Parliamentary committee on Finance and also a member of BJP has sated during an interview that the demand of 5 days banking a week by public sector bank employees is genuine and the government should consider the demand as soon as possible.

“I think bankers’ demand is very genuine. In many state and central services, employees have a five-day week,” said Modi.

Even he had suggested to change the working hours where bank can increase the working hours by half an hour per day from Monday to Friday.

As Mr. Sushil Kumar Modi is a senior member of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), hence the statement coming from his mouth is in buzz from yesterday i.e. 31st August 2023

5 Days Banking a week

Outcome of IBA Meeting on 12th Bipartite Settlement

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